Wide Awake

 It’s 3am and I’m wide awake. Thoughts of the past, present and future are racing through my head after my bladder raised me out of bed. The chilly walk to the bathroom stimulated the mental process and I wish there was an easy way to quiet the mind. Flashes of dream recall are interspersed with a longing to go back to sleep and anxiety about random unrelated thoughts. I feel as if I almost had something figured out while dreaming yet I can not put my finger on it. 
Life is like a dream and when I’m dreaming I sense that there’s more to the stories I find myself vividly engaged in. Impossible scenarios play out like a movie with an unlimited budget and crazy special effects. Then I wake up and this reality is so tangible, physical needs like getting up to pee are very grounding and a good reminder for why this life experience is so special. The contrast between the many realms of awareness and all the facets to being human are limited yet limitless. The ideas we have, our capacity for bringing concepts into existence is brilliant yet we waste so much time.

Time is moving as a constant reminder like waves on the water created by the winds of change. Storms roll through the waters of my internal environment and I know that it does not last. Shifting back to stillness after the wild moments of wondering I hope to fall back asleep. I wander slowly back toward the cozy cocoon of rest with visions of potentiality and hope that the insightful parts of dreamland re-occur….


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