Life’s a Beach

Amazing to think that not long ago when I would visit this beach I didn’t even have a phone let alone a device that I could use to communicate directly with the entire world. Here I am, at the beach, getting Vitamin D from the awesome sunshine, inhaling fresh ionized salty sea air, listening to hummingbirds and chickadees as they dance in the trees above my head all while writing on my blog. I have to say I love technology. Now if only there was an agate finding app. 

I could stay here all day but there’s still items on my task list that won’t be accomplished by being part of this scenery. A fly just landed on my hand reminding me that persistence will pay off, I just have to keep my focus even when life is a Beach. I get overwhelmed and impatient with myself sometimes but I truly am very grateful for this beautiful life I have and this amazing place where I live.


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