Coyote Encounter

Coyote startled me when she crossed my path today, I saw her from a distance in the center of the road and she waited until I was close enough to take this picture to disappear into someone’s side yard. I could have easily written this off as a chance encounter but part of me knew that was  highly unlikely. It was definetly some kind of sign but what did it mean? What was Coyote trying to tell me? She looked a little roughed up but was moving with soild purpose in the direction of cover. What was she doing in the middle of that neighborhood, in the middle of the road directly in front of me? She must have felt that it was important to take such a risk and be so exposed at that time of day. I believe that animals and their spirits are strong messengers if we pay attention to the wisdom they offer. As I delve deeper into the symbolism associated with this animal’s spirit I am shocked it could be so relevant to my life in this moment. Thank you Coyote for opening my eyes today.

Coyote Close


Luna Sea

Full Moon today… Do you sense the gravity of this situation? As Luna holds the power to move the sea, she also has a strong effect on me. Being that my human body is over 50% water it makes sense. I believe it is important to pay attention to how I feel, especially in regard to the cycles of the moon. Noticing how my inner world changes with the outer world is illuminating. Not fully understanding why I do certain things this time of the month I accept that there is a power greater than me and just have to let go. Fluidly moving into the waters of my emotions without judgement.


Tree Love

I have always loved trees, some types more than others but I have always loved everything about trees. The way they look- the way they make me feel when I’m in their presence. The way they move and grow- consistent and strong yet flexible when weather changes and the wind blows. Oh and don’t get me started on how they smell. Certain trees smell so incredibly wonderful, even more so just after it rains- when they’re bursting with essential oils of liquid vitality. It’s like pure bliss with every inhalation. I’ve always been especially fond of evergreens (being from the evergreen state may have something to do with that) but I today fell in love with a small scraggly western red cedar. Like a puppy that melts your heart at the pound I couldn’t walk away without taking it with me. Also like a puppy it will need some training and a good place to put it’s roots. I then just happened across the perfect beige/sage green glazed piece of pottery and viola! Bonsai.

I honestly don’t know what I’m attempting to accomplish, I only know that I love this tree and hope it suvives the transplant today. It’s raining right now that’s a good sign. Keeping the roots moist is important which is why I initially covered the exposed soil surface with moss. That prolific green material that’s constantly spilling over from the dark moist side of the roof of the shed. I hope they form a symbiotic relationship and keep each other happy when the weather fluctuates. They sure look good together. I also have always been very fond of the lush, vibrant mosses of the pacific northwest. I actually can’t help but reach out and touch (or pet like a lovable puppy) the really thick, furry looking mosses when I’m out hiking in the forest.

Being fond of rocks as well so I added a few quartz crystals that were just sitting there in the yard. I thought the gentle weight of them may help the moss bond with the fresh soil. It’s truly a beautiful combination of all those natural things I have always loved. I have these majestic visions of what this tiny scraggly tree can become if it reaches its true potential. I will take pictures of the progression and hopefully, eventually with enough tender love and care, have a miniature version of a beautiful western red cedar tree that I can take with me where ever I call home. I have spent some wonderful times in a few groves of large cedars that I can no longer visit. This one tree could potentially be with me for the rest of my life. It’s romantic, yes, but I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet. I have no clue what I’m doing- I just have good intentions. Actually, completely randomly looking at a bookshelf at home this evening I noticed a book called “Indoor Bonsai” sitting there in plain sight.  I’d never noticed it before- strange how that happens- but that’s another story. (Granted this tree will live outside unless the weather gets too hot and dry) I imagine this book can still give me some valuable insight into the world of caring for a tree in a pot. I love to learn and have new experiences. This is just the beginning of a micro-adventure of unknown length with a small cedar tree I fell in love with today.

Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar

Sunbeams and Moonshine


Good Morning Beautiful! The sun will soon be sending beams of light over the horizon and the moon shine will fade. As the earth keeps spinning the neurons in my brain create spirals of light as I imagine the possibilities for today. Thoughts make the trip from my brain to my fingertips and the words appear on this page. I love to watch the sunrise and the hot tub is calling my name. Am I becoming a morning person? I never dreamed that could happen, it’s not in my nature yet somehow I am awakening earlier more often. I sense that a shift is happening and look forward to more sunrises.

Black Cod, Pilaf & Prosecco

Delicious fresh wild whole baked black cod, rice pilaf with shiitakes, carrots, bell pepper and a hint of spice and sharp cheddar apple crisp for dessert. The prosecco is my beverage of choice for the game. Just past half time and my belly is full. I don’t know if I’ll have room for dessert. My “chosen family” of local guys are making loud comments about the game and drinking beer on this Thursday evening. Dressed in lounge wear with a baggy green and blue sweatshirt I sit here drinking prosecco and appreciating this moment for what it is. Good food with good friends and Porter Dog. I’m Thankful for this life.

Eagle in the tree.

I went for a hike up to Fragrance Lake this Morning with my Mom and on our way back down we took the short trail out to the overlook. Just as I was taking a panorama I heard the flap of wings as a massive eagle landed in the large evergreen. The eagle stood there majestically as we spoke of the beauty of the moment. Then proceeded to look right at us, turn around a few times, fluff feathers up and preen. It was fascinating to watch this pure eagle being so comfortable in front of us. It made it hard to walk away and continue the day. I somehow got the sense that it was a very important sign. The depth of meaning, the feeling in that moment is beyond what words can easily convey. Thank you Eagle in the tree for speaking to me so honestly.



Was that a sign? I just wrote 111 words for my first blog post ever and they disappeared into thin air. Was it time wasted? Is it worth it to try again? We’ll see if this post works. Maybe losing those words was meant to help me realize that I’m determined to make this happen. I won’t let minor setbacks stop me. I will be a writer. I will be a good writer and I will try to share my inner thoughts. I will write the best I can even if my words disappear and I have to start over again. I am inspired to share this inner world of pure Joy.